Happiness is where the hospitality is.

DUSAW was founded on the pure belief that the finest hospitality companies are actually in the business of happiness. Proudly based in New York and serving leading hotel chains nationwide, we empower hoteliers and hospitality managers to bring their guests even more happiness with the enhanced protection and privacy of the trusted DUSAW name.

Safes and locks designed for living.

Though travelers may be your temporary guests, we strive to treat them as family. DUSAW electronic hotel safes and smart entryway security devices are designed with a deep consideration for the end user’s lifestyle. We thus promote unequaled security while developing cutting-edge features for greater convenience and managed accessibility.

A decade of innovation leadership.

The entire DUSAW catalog is built on a platform of powerful patented technologies and trendsetting innovations. With over a decade of research and development powering the products in our lineup, we are always the first to implement the latest advancements in personal traveler’s security – from protecting valuables to managing room privacy.

Watch our products work – or don’t.

Part of the DUSAW promise is for products to perform and function in the most unobtrusive manner possible. Architects, designers and the occasional tech-inspired guest may enjoy marveling at our products’ technological beauty. Yet to everyday users, we represent a quiet, reliable and convenient set of features that simply work as seamlessly as stated.

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